Telephone Access To The Surgery

You Said

  • You told us you find it very difficult to speak to us on the phone, especially in the morning when you are ringing to book an appointment for the same day
  • You told us that sometimes you do not manage to get through and/or your call was not answered
  • You told us that sometimes you have waited an unreasonably long time before your call was answered.  Or you gave up because the wait was too long.

We Did

We had a full review of our telephone system to ensure:

  • That we have enough lines coming in.
  • That all telephone options were updated in order to divert calls to the correct extension at the right time, when the relevant member of staff would be able to answer your queries.

We have installed computer screens to check in real time how many calls are coming through and how long they are waiting in the queue.

We have changed some of the options to help keep lines free for appointments at peak times.  From now on we won’t be dealing with any queries but appointment bookings between 8 and 9 in the morning.

We have reviewed our reception rota and employed 3 new receptionists to ensure enough staff is available to answer your calls, especially at peak times.  We are interviewing for an additional one.

Help Us

Please call between 08:00 and 09:00 only if you need to book an appointment – we won’t be dealing with any other queries between those time and you will be asked to call back.

Don’t call before 08:00 – if you do, your call will receive our ‘closed’ message and you will not be automatically entered in the queue when it gets to 08:00; you will still need to call back.

Please ensure you select the correct option for your query and ring at the correct time to speak with the appropriate member of staff. Please note: some of the options have changed; listen carefully before you make your selection.

Please keep calls as brief as possible.

Whenever possible, please go online for your requests, for example to book appointments or request repeat prescriptions.

To Help You

This will keep phones and staff free to promptly deal with patients who need to book an appointment.

This will help to keep our system efficient.

This will ensure your call is answered quickly and your query dealt with more efficiently.

This will allow the receptionists to help more patients.

This will avoid unnecessary waits on the phone.